Karma preview

This years Karma takes place 1-4 April in London. Among the Karma exhibitors are for the first time Alberto Boralevi who also will held a lecture “Carpets in Transylvanian Churches”. The other exhibitors include Michael Craycraft, Sarah Haberkern, Hans Homm, James Cohen, Chuck Paterson, Owen Parry, Sam Coad, Thomas Wild and … read more

Auction Homm Rugs & Carpets 15 April 2011

Hans Homm has started his own auction house Auction Homm. The two first auctions include Rugs & Carpets on 15 April 2011 at 15:00 and Art & Antiques on 16 April 2011 at 15:00. Viewing  will take place 14 April 15 – 21:00 and on 15. April  9 – 12:00. Location and … read more

New dates for Karma 2011

Rupert Smith has just released new information about Kensington Antique Rug Mercantile Association. Karma will take place 1-4 April 2011. The exhibitors include Hans Homm, James Cohen, Chuck Paterson, Owen Parry, Michael Craycraft, Sarah Haberkern, Sam Coad, Thomas Wild and Rupert Smith. Alberto Boralevi is also considering to exhibit. Location … read more

Dorotheum Carpet Auction in Vienna

by Hans Homm. The first only carpet auction by Dorotheum was held on September 14, 2010 in their grand company Headquaters, Dortheergasse 17, Vienna. Palais Dorotheum is a magnifficent building worth a visit anytime. The full splendour of the old Habsburg monarcy. The rugs were well presented. A fine match … read more