Islamic textiles at the Bargello Museum in Florence

"Holbein" carpet

The Hali Colloquium in Italy included a recommendation 5 February 2023 to visit the Bargello Museum in Florence. The Islamic textiles at the museum included carpets and textiles from the Carrand Collection and the Frachetti Collection. Program for  Hali Colloquium in Italy

The Hali Colloquium in Italy: Florence, Milan, Turin and Genoa

The Hali Colloquium in Italy

HALI has organized several highly interesting and special events in Italy 5-11 February 2023 to precede the two-day colloquium and expert conference “Kerman Carpets of the Safavid Period (1501-1736)” 10-11 February in Genoa. A week of talks, museum visits and exhibitions will focus on important carpets and artworks in collections … read more

Exhibition ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets’ in Genoa

Sanguszko carpet

Nine of the Sanguszko carpets will be on display on an exhibition at Musei di Strada Nuova in Genoa from 11 November 2022 – 12 February 2023 as a part of ‘Genoa in the time of Rubens: a gaze towards the East’ at Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco’. The exhibition ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets, Sixteenth Century Kerman Persia’ will take place at Palazzo Rosso… read more

Hali Fair preview II

Wagireh 19th century. Exhibitor Said Aziz at Hali Fair

The Hali Fair is a part of the Hali London celebration of 40 years and 200 editions of HALI Magazine. The exhibitors of the Hali Fair include twenty international antique rug and textile dealers. The preview opening for Hali London ticket holders only is Thursday 27 June at 15.00 and … read more