The Hali Fair 2007 has been postponed

According to Sebastian Ghandchi, Centaur Media, the Hali Fair 2007 will be postponed. The reason is lack of support from the international carpet art market. “Unfortunately, we have not secured the required level of support from a sufficient number of dealers for the proposed fair, and we have postponed the Fair for 2007”, says Sebastian Ghandchi. “Over the last nine years, whilst the fair has been a commercial success for many exhibitors – and is very highly regarded by our visitors whose numbers have been growing substantially year on year – the reality of the … Read more

Report Hali Fair 2006

The ninth Textile & Tribal Art – The HALI Fair, held at Olympia from 8 to 18 June 2006, has proved to be an event that appeals to both UK and international collectors including visitors from Italy, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain, as well as the USA. The 2007 event is planned to be held from 7 to 17 June. Visitor numbers with HALI Fair tickets were up by over 19% on last year (5,145 in 2006, 4,561 in 2005 and 3,416 in 2004), and dealers reported that they had sold to new and old … Read more

The Robert Pinner Lectures at the Hali Fair

The Robert Pinner Lectures at The HALI Fair 2006, Olympia Exhibition Centre London, will start on Saturday 10 June and conclude on Wednesday 14 June. The lectures include: Saturday 10 June: Classical Carpets, Textiles and Islamic Art introduced by Bruce Baganz 1pm Geraldine Norman: Between East and West, Islamic Art from the Hermitage Museum 2pm John Mills: Carpets, Their Story in Painting 3pm Daniel Walker: George Hewitt Myers, Collector and Connoisseur 4pm Tom Farnham: Lord Duveen’s Carpets 5pm Alberto Boralevi: Renaissance Italy and the Oriental Carpet Sunday 11 June: Textiles and Tribal Art introduced by … Read more

The Hali Fair 8 June in London

Textile & Tribal Art:The Hali Fair will be staged at the National Hall, Olympia, London W14, from Thursday 8 to Sunday 18 June 2006. The HALI Fair takes its name from HALI Magazine which has a respected reputation for its editorial coverage on the world’s textile heritage. The rise in popularity of holiday destinations such as Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East, today brings Islamic design influences into our homes. From Iznik pottery and tiles, costumes to kilims, and  tribal and village rugs, the colourful or floral as well as geometric designs of Islamic artists … Read more

Textile and Tribal Art – The Hali Fair 2006

The ninth Hali Fair for Textile and tribal art will take place at the National Hall, Olympia, London from Thursday 8 to Sunday 18 June 2006. Some 75 international dealers will offer art, textiles and rugs for sale varying from ancient times to the contemporary designs of today. The Fair is presented as three zones: Traditional: a selection of woven art including rugs, kilims and textiles from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caucasus, India, Middle East, Persia, and Turkey. European embroideries and tapestries; colourful costumes ranging from Japanese kimonos to Indian turbans, Mongolian wool hats … Read more

Hali Fair 2005 – more images

Hali Fair 2005 – more images Traditional ZoneSwedish Kilim Orange Modernist Peacock Mid-20th century 152 x 196cm dealer: The Nemati Collection, New York   Design Zone‘8 Border’ 250 x 250cm Tibetan highland wool. Jan Kath Design Just one of a wide range of contemporary design rugs from dealers (designer/makers) at the Fair. Tribal Zone Illuminated Manuscript A painting in ink and tempera on parchment, 18th century, Ethiopia. TANA Galerie Sachau (Euro 2,000)