Transylvanian rugs by Farzin Mollaian at the Hali Fair Online

Red Ground 17th-Century ‘Transylvanian’ Rug

Farzin Mollaian is exhibitor at the Hali Fair Online 2022. Among his interesting pieces are two ‘Transylvanian’ rugs. A Six Columns 17th-Century ‘Transylvanian’ rug and another ‘Transylvanian’ which appears to be from the end of the 17th century or the early 18th century but most likely, according to Farzin Mollaian, … read more

Alberto Boralevi, exhibitor at Hali Fair Online 2022

Late 19th century Caucasian Bijov rug

Alberto Boralevi is one of the exhibitors showcasing antique rugs and textiles at the Hali Fair 2022 Online. The fair opened yesterday 20 May 2022 and will run trough 30 May. ‘I will be exhibiting a selection of 40 pieces, including the most important and ancient carpets, fragments and textiles … read more

Hali Fair Online 20-30 May 2022

Qashqa’i Lion Rug

The virtual Hali Fair returns 20-30 May 2022, focused on antique rugs and textiles from around the world. The Fali Fair Online includes a Fair, Exhibitions and Events, all free to view from 20 May without registration. Online Fair More than twenty international specialist dealers present a selection of antique … read more

Hali Fair Online 23-27 June 2021

Zeikhur rug

HALI Fair Online 23-27 June 2021 is a virtual event focused on antique rugs and textiles with a fair, exhibitions and events including lectures, interviews and presentations. HALI Fair Online and the associated exhibitions and events are free to attend and registration is open via The HALI Fair Online … read more