Grogan’s May Auction including Fine Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Grogan and Company, Dedham, Massachusetts, will hold their next auction at 12 noon Sunday 20 May 2012. This auction will also feature a selection of fine Oriental rugs and carpets. “Michael Grogan has decided to incorporate his Fine Rug auction with our May 20th Auction” said Grogan’s Fine Art Specialist Allyson Lee to Jozan Magazine… read more

Grogan 25 March

Grogan’s March Auction in Dedham, Massachusetts includes 86 rugs and carpet. These lots will be on sale on the second day of the auction Sunday 25 March 2012 at 12.00 noon. Exhibition opens Wednesday 21 March and will run through 25 March… read more

Grogan 16 October


Grogan’s October Auction includes circa 100 rugs and carpets. The carpet sale will take place 16 October 2011… read more