Dedicated to research on Anatolian rugs

Sonny Berntsson, a prominent member of Gothenburgs Oriental Rug Society (AKREP), has dedicated much of his time to research on Anatolian rugs and kilims and has become an expert in idenfication of Anatolian rugs… read more

Outstanding exhibition of Caucasian rugs

The opening of Gothenburg Rug Society’s (AKREP’s) exhibition of antique Caucasian rugs took place 20 November 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was well attended. This outstanding exhibition will be open for the public in Frölunda Kulturhus through 16 December 2010. The next day Sunday 21 November members from both Swedish and Danish rug … read more

Gothenburg rug events

November, will be an interesting month for ruggies in Gothenburg, Sweden. AKREP, The Oriental Rug Society in Gothenburg, will hold a highly interesting exhibition of more than 50 antique Caucasian rugs  in cooperation with a local culture institution, Frölunda Kulturhus from 20 November through 16 December 2010. Visitors will come from other parts of Sweden … read more

Exhibition of Caucasian rugs

The Oriental Rug Society in Gothenburg ( AKREP ) will hold an exhibition of antique Caucasian rugs 20 November through 16 December 2010. The exhibition is arranged by AKREP in cooperation with Frölunda Kulturhus. According to Sonny Berntsson from AKREP  the exhibition will include ca. 70 antique rugs from private collectors. “This exhibition will … read more