Rag Rug Exhibition at Gallery51 in Philadelphia, PA

Gallery51 runs a rug rag exhibition “Jane Doyle – Back to Front” from 5 June through 15 July 2015 at their gallery 51 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia. “Jane began weaving rag rugs more than 27 years ago. Because she wanted a heavier more durable product than the conventional rag rug, she discovered a traditional though little used technique. Called Taquete or Summer and Winter on Opposites, this weave allowed her to incorporate fresh, new contemporary designs while keeping the rag rug tradition alive. This double binding technique produces heavy durable rugs bound of two different … Read more

Indigo-dyed Textiles of Mali

Gallery51 in Philadelphia, run by the well-known antique rug dealer Craig Wallen, holds a special exhibition of indigo-dyed textiles from Mali entitled ‘The Power of Blue’ 1 August through 31 August 2014. Textiles from Nigeria and Burkino Faso will also be on display.

African Tribal Textiles

Gallery51, Philadelphia, has arranged an exhibition “Woven Abstraction – The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles” which will run through 31 March 2011. “For millennia, textiles in Africa were status symbols” says the gallery owner and organizer Craig Wallen to Jozan Magazine. He continues “As such, they have often been used to represent wealth and to convey a superior sense of culture and sophistication. As representations of the social standing of a family or tribe, much effort was invested into making them as beautiful, intricate and impressive as possible. In some areas, they also became a means … Read more

Alan Magee tapestries

A special exhibition of tapestries by the artist Alan Magee is presented by Gallery51 in Philadelphia through 31 December 2010. The exhibition includes twelve of his large-scale tapestries, woven in Belgium on Jacquard looms-machines and to Magee’s precise digital specifications. “The opening reception Sunday 24 October was rather hectic and well attended” said Craig Wallen to Jozan Magazine. Location and more information: Gallery51, 51 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania