Carpet Industry in Birjand

A City in the Southern part of Khorasan Province, Iran By Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Translated from Persian by  Birjand city once was one of the important cities in Ghehestan (an old name for Khorasan Province) centuries ago. The city is located in the southern part of khorasan … read more

Development of a modern rug production at Iran Rug Co.

By Fereidoun Haghighi,  Iran Rug Co., Mashad 23 November 2004 Jozan Magazine has asked Iran Rug Company to describe modern production of Iranian rugs. Fereidoun Haghighi from Iran Rug Co. has sent us this article about the founder Hajj Hussein Afzalzadeh Naini and the development of the company. Iranian hand-made … read more