DOBAG carpets and fair-trade

By Birte Staerk, DOBAG Carpets, Denmark, 15 April 2008 Jozan Magazine has asked Birte Staerk, the authorized Danish DOBAG dealer to tell about her venture importing and selling DOBAG rugs in Denmark The topic of fair-trade is very much in the public mind, and the Dobag carpet project is, in … read more

The DOBAG Cooperative in Ayvacik

The DOBAG Cooperative, S.S. Süleymanköy Tarimsal Kalkinma Kooperatifi, has showroom and administration just outside Ayvacik on the road to Canakkale  – in the north-western part of Turkey. And very close to Assos, the ancient Aeolian city above the tourist resort and beautiful fishing village of Behramkale. I visited the cooperative’s … read more