Some thougts on ARTS 2012 by Craig Wallen

It might be more appropriate to call this year’s antique rug and textile extravaganza in San Francisco, ‘Arasta Bazaar meets the Golden Gate’, rather than ARTS 2012, because in many ways, that’s the closest analogy that comes to mind… read more

San Francisco Antique Rug & Textile Show

The annual Antique Rug & Textile Show in San Francisco is one of the most popular and important fairs for antique tribal rugs and textiles. This years show takes place 18-21 October 2012 at the Motel Capri in San Francisco Marina District… read more

African Tribal Textiles

Gallery51, Philadelphia, has arranged an exhibition “Woven Abstraction – The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles” which will run through 31 March 2011. “For millennia, textiles in Africa were status symbols” says the gallery owner and organizer Craig Wallen to Jozan Magazine. He continues “As such, they have often been used to … read more

Alan Magee tapestries

A special exhibition of tapestries by the artist Alan Magee is presented by Gallery51 in Philadelphia through 31 December 2010. The exhibition includes twelve of his large-scale tapestries, woven in Belgium on Jacquard looms-machines and to Magee’s precise digital specifications. “The opening reception Sunday 24 October was rather hectic and well attended” said Craig Wallen to … read more