ICOC combined day pass

The private loan exhibitions include an exhibition of rare Turkmen carpets, trappings from the Eagle göl groups and much more… read more

ICOC Academic Committee

ICOC Academic Committee has just held a meeting 28-30 January 2011 in Stockholm. The Committee was composed by Alberto Boralevi (Chair), Anette Granlund, Margareta Nockert, Elena Tsareva, Peter Bicler, Thomas Farnham and Daniel Shaffer. “In order to improve the quality of the Conference we had decided to reduce the number of … read more

ICOC Academic program

The ICOC academic program includes different areas of carpet studies f.ex. early and later nomad, village and workshop pile carpets and flat-weaves gathered by geographical origin. The deadline for proposals was 8 November 2010. “We have recieved more than 90 abstracts and have room for 45-50” says chair of The Academic Committee … read more