Ali Riza Tuna – Anatolian kilims

Detail - Central Anatolian Kilim

Ali Riza Tuna’s book “From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims” published in Geneva 2022 is a conclusion of his study and project ‘The Kilim as an Image’. It is an immersive book about the Anatolian flatweaves that opens new perspectives. Joining Hans Belting’s “Anthropology of Images” to Ernst Cassirer’s philosophy … read more

Virtual lecture on Anatolian Kilims by Ali Riza Tuna

From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims

The virtual lecture “Myth to Art: New Perspectives on Anatolian Kilims” by Ali Riza Tuna Saturday 14 January 2023, 10 am PT is organized by the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California and New England Rug Society. What makes a “kilim design” immediately recognizable among other designs?  Which characteristics define … read more

Hali London 24-30 June 2019

The Hali London 2019 from 24 June through 30 June 2019 is a celebration of the 200th edition and forty years of Hali Magazine. The impressive programme includes a fair, two days of lectures, a series of events and a HALI tour… read more

Istanbul Carpet Week

Kilims from Vakiflar Kilim Museum

This years Istanbul Carpet Week will take place Thursday 25 October to Sunday 28 October 2018. The event includes Istanbul Rug Show, Istanbul International Carpet Conference, The 12th National Carpet Design Contest and also a reception and exhibition of Anatolian kilims from Vakiflar Kilim Museum at the newly restored Istanbul Carpet Museum… read more