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Sartirana Textile Show ended Sunday 26 September after 5 show days. The number of exhibitors at the fair, 51, was the highest ever.  Sartirana Textile Show included also special exhibitions and lectures besides the fair but more about this in later articles.

It is hard to say that Sartirana Textile Show 2010 was crowded with visitors but Saturday afternoon the fair was well attended and many dealers rapported about a decent sale during the show or at least a covering of their expenses to participate.

The standard for this years offerings seemed to be high and included antique Turkmen, Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian, Balouch, East Turkestan and Tibetan rugs as well as rugs and textiles of various origin.

This article will focus on Turkmen rugs exhibited at the fair and later articles will cover exhibited rugs of other origins.

Several exhibitors had quite a few excellent Turkmen rugs on display. It is not possible to mention and show pictures of all but Alberto Levi, Bertram Frauenknecht, Udo Langauer, Mohammad Tehrani, David Sorgato, Kamoo Gallery, Anatolian Picker, N. Vrouyr and Herbert Bieler had interesting Turkmen pieces in their collections.

Alberto Levi besides an early 18th century Salor chuval
Bertram Frauenknecht and Mariola
18th century Yomud asmalyk. Exhibitor Bertram Frauenknecht
Turkmen Tekke mid 19th century. Exibitor Udo Langauer
150 years old Beshir exhibited by Anatolian Picker
Mohammad Tehrani
Mohammad Tehrani’s Turkmen wall
19th century Tekke exhibited by Herbert Bieler
Saeed Shalgouni’s (Kamoo Gallery) Turkmen wall ( a Yomud, a Tekke and a Yomud asmalyk)
Nairy Vrouyr in the stand of N. Vrouyr
A Beshir exhibited by N. Vrouyr
19th century Yomud horse cover exhibited by David Sorgato

More later…….

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