Sotheby’s, Rugs and Carpets, London, 28 April 2004

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The auction 28 April 2004 includes 163 Oriental rugs and carpets.
Selection from the preview.
All images ©Sotheby’s

LOT: 45
RUG NAME: Kazak Fachralo
AGE: Dated 1871
ESTIMATE: 25.000 – 35.000 GBP
SOLD: 57.600 GBP
Lot 45 Kazak Fachralo Dated 1871 Size 321 x 164 cm. Estimate 25.000 – 35.000 GBP
For related three medallion, green ground Fachralo Kazak rugs please see Sotheby’s New York, October 31, 1980, lot 231 (dated 1312/1894); Sotheby’s London, 24 April 1991, lot 26 (dated 1268/1851); and Sotheby’s New York, May 1, 1982, lot 61, sold again at Rippon Boswell, Wiesbaden, 13 November 1993, lot 109. There are several rugs of similar design with one or two medallions on either a blue, green or red field. The borders on these rugs most often have a slant-leaf and chalice design, with a few examples sharing the “bug palmette” pattern of the present rug; the Sotheby’s 1982 and Rippon Boswell example cited, as well as a 2 medallion rug sold Sotheby’s New York, February 16, 2000, lot 28. In this lot, the palmette is the only major border while in the related examples, it is one of two or three major borders. The lot offered here also includes the red boxes enclosing stylized dragon motifs found on a few other green ground Fachralo rugs such as the single medallion rug sold recently at Christie’s London, 1 May 2003, lot 17; the Battilossi Fachralo rug, Christie’s London, 11 February 1998, lot 53; and the 1980 Sotheby’s New York lot previously mentioned. In design format, drawing and coloring, as well as placement of rosettes across the field, this rug is most similar to the Battilossi rug.

LOT: 63
RUG NAME: Mohtashem Kashan
AGE: ca. 1912
ESTIMATE: 5.000 – 7.000 GBP
SOLD: 6.000 GBP
DESCRIPTION: Lot 63 “Mohtashem” Kashan Dated 1912-13 Size 184 x 130 cm. Estimate 5.000 – 7.000 GBP
Inscribed and dated, with two inscription cartouches, one reading : From the workshop (or factory) of His excellency Mr ‘Abd al-Baqi, the Kashani merchant; the other reading: For His excellency the Gracious, the most Glorious, the most Generous Mr Mirza (?) … May my soul be sacrificed for him, the year 1330/(1911-12)


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