Sothebys “Carpets” 13 December 2007

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Sothebys auction “Carpets” 13 December 2007 in New York includes 376 lots.
Selection from the preview.
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LOT: 100
RUG NAME: Caucasian prayer rug
AGE: dated 1800
ESTIMATE: 40,000—60,000
DESCRIPTION: LOT 100 A SOUTH CAUCASIAN PRAYER RUG, 40,000—60,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 4ft. 11in. by 3ft. 1in. (1.50 by 0.94m.) DESCRIPTION dated 1215 (1800) silk wefts, mounted, oxidized browns, rewoven areas, missing on sides and ends

LOT: 14
RUG NAME: Transylvanian rug
AGE: ca. 1700
ESTIMATE: 5,000—7,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 14 PROPERTY FROM A PRIVATE COLLECTOR A “TRANSYLVANIAN” COUPLED-COLUMN RUG, WEST ANATOLIA, 5,000—7,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 6ft 1in. by 4ft. 2in. (1.85 by 1.27m.) DESCRIPTION circa 1700 oxidized browns, foldwear, repiling, losses to sides and ends, reselvaged with losses

LOT: 20
RUG NAME: Moghan Kazak
AGE: ca. 1890
ESTIMATE: 10,000—15,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 20 A MOGHAN KAZAK RUG, SOUTHWEST CAUCASUS, 10,000—15,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 6ft. 10in. by 5ft. (2.08 by 1.52m.) DESCRIPTION circa 1890 partially rewoven end borders, oxidized browns, foldwear, repiling

LOT: 252
RUG NAME: Sarouk Fereghan
AGE: ca. 1900
ESTIMATE: 10,000—15,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 252 A SAROUK FEREGHAN CARPET, NORTH PERSIA, 10,000—15,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 9ft. 11in. by 6ft. 10in. (3.02 by 2.08m.) DESCRIPTION circa 1900

LOT: 309
AGE: ca. 1900
DESCRIPTION: LOT 309 A HERIZ CARPET, NORTHWEST PERSIA, 40,000—60,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 13ft. by 9ft. 11in. (3.96 by 3.02m.) DESCRIPTION circa 1900 oxidized browns, repiling, rewoven ends, reselvaged

LOT: 4
RUG NAME: Shahsavan soumac bags
AGE: lat quarter 19th century
ESTIMATE: 5,000—7,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 4 A PAIR OF SHAHSAVAN SOUMAC BAGS, SOUTHEAST CAUCASUS/NORTHWEST PERSIA, 5,000—7,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 4ft. 8in. by 2ft. 1in. (1.42 by 0.64m.) DESCRIPTION last quarter 19th century hole, losses to sides, stains

LOT: 44
RUG NAME: Chinese rug, late Ming
AGE: 17th century
ESTIMATE: 40,000—60,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 44 PROPERTY FROM THE COLLECTION OF WENDEL AND DIANE SWAN A CHINESE RUG, LATE MING, 40,000—60,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 3ft. 9in. by 3ft. 8in. (1.14 by 1.12m.) DESCRIPTION 17th century moth damage, minor losses to ends, oxidized browns,

LOT: 47
RUG NAME: Karachopt Kazak
AGE: ca. 1900
ESTIMATE: 8,000—12,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 47 A KARACHOPT KAZAK RUG, SOUTHWEST CAUCASUS, 8,000—12,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 6ft. 10in. by 5ft. 4in. (2.08 by 1.62m.) DESCRIPTION circa 1900 original flatwoven upper end, foldwear, minor reweave, repaired slit

LOT: 81
RUG NAME: Konya prayer rug
AGE: 18th century
ESTIMATE: 7,000—10,000 USD
DESCRIPTION: LOT 81 PROPERTY FROM A PRIVATE COLLECTOR A KONYA COUPLED-COLUMN PRAYER RUG, CENTRAL ANATOLIA, 7,000—10,000 USD MEASUREMENTS approximately 5ft. 1in. by 4ft. 2in. (1.55 by 1.27m.) DESCRIPTION 18th century partial ends, some oxidized browns, reweaves, repiling, reselvaged


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