Selection Nagel Auktionen Rugs and Carpets auction 7 May 2002

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Nagels auction Rugs and Carpets will take place 7 May 2002.

Karagashli 19ct. Lot 99 ©Nagel Auktionen
Derbend 1900 Lot 158 ©Nage
Dragon Verneh 19ct. Lot 112 ©Nagel Auktionen
Gabbeh 19ct. Lot 208
Gashgai 2h19ct Lot 202 ©Nagel Auktionen
Heriz 1q19ct Lot 272 ©Nagel
High Atlas Berber rug Lot 255 ©Nagel Auktionen
Jomud Asmalyk 1800 Lot 165 ©Nagel Auktionen
Jomud Salachak 2h19ct. Lot 80 ©Nagel Auktionen
Kazak 1h19ct. Lot 105 ©Nagel
Kazak 1h19ct. Lot 105 ©Nagel
Kirgiz carpet 1900 Lot 262 ©Nagel Auktionen
Kisil Ayak 19ct. Lot 221 ©Nagel Auktionen
Kozak 2h19ct Lot 123 ©Nagel
Lori Pambak late 19ct. Lot 22 ©Nagel Auktionen
Malayer 1900 Lot 62 ©Nagel
Melas 19ct. Lot 127 ©Nagel
Moghan 19ct. Lot 119 ©Nagel
Sevan Kasak 19ct. Lot 23 ©Nagel Auktionen
Tekke engsi 19ct. Lot 131
Turkmen 18ct. (Arabatchi?) Lot 163 ©Nagel Auktionen
Zakatala semniantique Lot 46 ©Nagel Auktionen

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