Selection from preview Wolley & Wallis 25 September 2002

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179Heriz1930 - Selection from preview Wolley & Wallis 25 September 2002
Lot 179 Heriz carpet, north west Persia about 1930-40, 12ft. x 8ft. 3.66m. x 2.44m. £400-500 – Small area of moth damage left edge and into field and several areas on reverse.
©Woolley & Wallis


Lot 228 Turkoman carpet, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1940-50, 8ft.8in. x 5ft.1in. 2.64m. x 1.55m. £170-200 Condition report : Not separately supplied
©Woolley & Wallis


Lot 240 Saryk torba, Turkmenistan late 19th century, 1ft.5in. x 5ft. 1in. 0.43m. x 1.55m. £100-200 – Overall even wear, foundations brittle with small splits in centre.
©Woolley & Wallis


Lot 295 Konakhkend rug, Kuba region, north east Caucasus, early 20th century, 8ft.2in. x 3ft.11in. 2.49m. x 1.20m. £600-700 – Slight even wear overall, small areas of repair, missing outer guard at sides.
©Woolley & Wallis


Lot 312 Shahsavan sumac half miniature khorjin, north west Persia about 1900, 9in. x 10.5in. 0.23m. x 0.27m. £150-250 Condition report: Not separately supplied
©Woolley & Wallis


Lot 115 An extremely fine Esfahan rug on silk foundations, west Persia, signed ‘Mir’jalali Esfahan Iran’ about 1950-60, 7ft.9in. x 4ft.9in. 2. 36m. x 1.45m. £2500-3500 Lower silk fringe partly replaced. With Sarafian and Mahmouri, Mir’jalali is one of the greatest ustadi Esfahan ‘master-weavers’ of the second half of the 20th century. ©Woolley & Wallis

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