Sartirana Textile Show

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Sartirana Textile Show took place Thursday 17 September 2015 through Sunday 20 September where more than 20 International and Italian dealers showed their antique rugs and textiles. The fair was opened by the mayor of Sartirana, Ernesto Prevedoni Gorone.

As usual the quality of the exhibited rugs was high and the atmosphere relaxed.

Francesca Fiorentino, Alberto Boralevi, and Ernesto Prevedoni Gorone
The stand of Augusto Rillosi
Alberto Boralevi in front of an early triclinium Soumak
The stand of Tina Tabone
Tibetan temple rug, end of 19th century. Exhibitor Farzin Mollaian
Igor Honkanen and a visitor
The stand of Herbert Bieler
Anatolian Canakkale rug. Exhibitor Alain Emir
18th century Khotan carpet. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Caucasian dragon soumak end of 19th century. Exhibitor Mohsen Chavoshbaran
Franco Dell’Orto in front of a late 16th century Ushak carpet
Edoardo Marino in front of his stand
18th century Central Anatolian fragment. Exhibitor Augusto Rillosi
Ersari. Exhibitor Bertram Frauenknecht
Shasevan soumak. Exhibitor Mohsen Chavoshbaran

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