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Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012 includes approximately 30 antique rug and textile dealers. Many countries are represented with esteemed dealers f.ex. France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Iran, England, Turkey and of course the host country Italy it self.

Sartirana Textile Show is known for it’s relaxed atmosphere and the fair is also a venue for the dealers themselves for discussions about antique rugs and carpet business.

Several faithful dealers have attended and exhibited at Sartirana Textile Show since Alberto Boralevi in 2005 revived the show.

One of these dealers are David Sorgato, a Milan dealer and a popular figure at Sartirana Textile Show. This year David Sorgato, among other offers, will show a special collection of Avar kilims and pile rugs. “I’m presenting the ‘Avar’, a large selection of Daghestan Chibta kilims made by wool and cotton on segde fibers and also some small Daghestan rugs” said David Sorgato to Jozan Magazine.

Avar kilim Daghestan 1900 circa 226 x 140 cm. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Chibta kilim daghestan 1930 circa 285 x 110 cm . Exhibitor David Sorgato
Avar rug Daghestan 1900 circa 129 x 89 cm. Exhibitor David Sorgato

Mohammed Tehrani, another frequent exhibitor from Hamburg, will also attend the 2012 show. Mohammad has in general a broad range of offers including antique Persian, Caucasian, Anatolian and Turkmen rugs in good condition. So has Herbert Bieler from Vienna, another faithful antique rug dealer at the show.

Other Sartirana exhibitors f.ex. Chanteh di Kami from Torino has been Sartirana exhibitor since 2010.

Chodor ensi 166 x 110 cm, 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani
P-Chodor ensi 188 x 127 cm, 19th Century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani
Shirvan rug 147 x 93 cm. Exhibitor Herbert Bieler
Gabbeh rug 194 cm x 131 cm. Exhibitor Herbert Bieler
Kazak kilim. Exhibitor Chanteh di Kami
Lori chanteh. Exhibitor Chanteh di Kami

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Location and more information: Alberto Boralevi, Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy.

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