Sartirana Textile Show – more rugs

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The Sartirana Textile Show includes a lot of really interesting rugs and textiles. The show will proceed 13-16 September. Take a look at a selection from the exhibitions:

Impressions from Sartirana

Bergama 18th century. Gallerie ArabesQue
Khamseh rug – Alberto Boralevi
Ersari Beshir – Bertram Frauenknecht
Qashqai saddle cover – Carlo Kocman
Qashqai kilim – Carlo Kocman
Turkmen rug (Aribatchi?) – Hotel Americas
Gerus wagireh – Adil Besim
Balouch – James Cohen
Jaff Kurd saddlebag – James Cohen
Kurdish khelleh – James Cohen
Feraghan saddlecover – Mizrahi Fine Arts
Giordes prayer rug ca. ca. 1700 – QDM
Tabriz prayer rug 19th century – Tapis Emir

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