Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2018

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The 14th Sartirana Textile Show (STS) will take place Thursday 13 – Sunday 16 September 2018 in Sartirana Lomellina at “La Pila”, the 17th century rice mill located besides Sartirana Castle.

This years international and Italian dealers and exhibitors include Anatolian Picker, Anatolian Tappeti, Arachne, Alberto Boralevi, Bertram Rugs, James Cohen, Emin Demir, Galerie Emir, Max Lerch, Edoardo Marino, Mariti Giulia, Pazyrik Carpet, Enrica Pasino, Il Portico, Seltene Orientteppich, Serkan Sari, David Sorgato, Soulmate Textile and Vadala’ Concita.

Alberto Boralevi, the organizer of Sartirana Textile Show, will exhibit this 19th century Kurdish rug from East Anatolia.

The fair has been held every year since 2005 and is one of the most important fairs for tribal antique rugs and textiles. In addition to the fair visitors can enjoy two special side exhibitions. One exhibition ‘Mr. Müren’s Inspiration’ curated by David Sorgato and an exhibition ‘Intrecci del Novecento’ by Galleria Moshe Tabibnia.

It is always a pleasure to attend Sartirana Textile Show and also to enjoy the sourroundings of Sartirana. A visit in Vigevano and its Piazza Ducale is also very recommended.

Location and more information: Sartirana Texile Show 2018, Piazza Lodovico da Breme, 3,27020 Sartirana Lomellina (PV), Italy

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