Sartirana Textile Show 2017 will begin in a few days

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Sartirana Textile Show begins in a few days

The 13th Sartirana Textile Show will begin in a few days. The opening reception and preview will take place Thursday 14 September and the show will run through Sunday 17 September 2017. The venue is La Pila in Sartirana Lomellina. The Pila is an ancient rice mill from the 17th century.


Sartirana Textile Show is an important specialised fair for antique rugs and textiles and also a meeting point for dealers and experts on antique rugs. The dealer list includes Anatolian Picker, Anatolian Tappeti, Alberto Boralevi, Carpet Diem, Chanteh di Kami, James Cohen, Jacqueline Debolle, Igor Honkanen, Max Lerch, Edoardo Marino, Reza Mamarian, Sadegh Mamarian, Farzin Mollaian, Panto Textile Art, David Sorgato, Serkan Sari and Zamani Tappeti Antichi.

Satellite exhibitions

Besides the dealers fair there will also be two satellite exhibitions.

  • Gabbeh, geometric Fantasy of Southern Persia. This collection was formed during more than twenty years. A passionate rug lover selected the best pieces available in international auctions and from leading collectors. Most of the exhibits are published and considered among the best examples of their kind. Curator: Alberto Boralevi
  • Raqm, in the Sign of Embroidery. This show by David Sorgato is the result of a twenty-five-years long research and a collection of the rarest and prestigious embroidery from all around the world.

Tea Time Textile Talks

The Tea Time Textile Talks will renew the tradition of informal lectures concerning aspects of the textile art. This year the subjects of the lectures will be the main aspects of the two satellite shows.

  • Friday 15 September, 5 pm – Gabbeh, geometric Fantasy of Southern Persia, by Alberto Boralevi
  • Saturday 16 September, 5 pm – Raqm, in the Sign of Embroidery, by Renzo Freschi

Opening Hours

  • Thursday 14 September 4.00 pm – 9.00pm – preview of the show
  • Friday 15 September 10 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday 16 September 10 am – 9 pm
  • Sunday 17 September 10 am – 7 pm

More information

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Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 2017, Piazza Lodovico da Breme, 3, 27020 Sartirana Lomellina (PV)

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