Sartirana – Tea Time Textile Talks

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This years’ Sartirana Textile Show included a new kind of lectures “Tea Time Textile Talks”.

Each day around 5 pm. visitors and dealers met for a short lecture on selected rug and textile topics. The first speaker Rupert Smith told about “The lack of Nomadic Carpets in Tibet” on Friday 7 September and after him followed Alfred Niklebil and Jacqueline de Bolle ( 8 September) and Bertram Frauenknecht (9 September).

Rupert Smith showing Tibetan rug
Rupert Smith showing Tibetan rug

Coming speaks 13-16 September 2007, 5 pm. include:

Jonathan Broido “Some Thoughts on the Meaning of Designs in Tribal Rugs” 13 September

Beate Van Harten “On Rug Restoration and Conservation” and Renato Perversi “Cleaning Methods for Rugs” 14 September

Luca Brancati “David Sorgato – Baluch, the English Edition of the New David Sorgato’s Catalogue” and Michael Craycraft “Aimaq Group and Baluchis” 15 September

Hans Homm “The Next Nagel’s Sale of Collector Carpets” 16 September.

Find books by Jacqueline de Bolle, Michael Craycraft, Bertram Frauenknecht, David Sorgato,

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