Sartirana – review

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Alberto Boralevi, the organizer of Sartirana Textile Show since 2005, must be satisfied with the high quality of exhibited antique rugs and textiles at this year’s fair.  A new concept with fever dealers was probably the reason for this.

The 25 attending antique rug dealers exhibited their best antique rugs and textiles and made this fair to an outstanding presentation of antique rug art. The attending dealers came from many different countries with approximately 50 % of the dealers from the host country Italy.

Alberto Boralevi, the organizer of Sartirana Textile Show
17-18th century Caucasian Harshang fragment exhibited by Alberto Boralevi
Uzbek Suzani circa 1800 exhibited by David Sorgato
The stand of Galerie Sari
The stand of Nazir Djavid
Naïry Vrouyr
Qashqai rug 19th century exhibited by Mohammad Tehrani
Tekke chuval exhibited by Alberto Boralevi
Abkal ensi first half 19th century exhibited by Bertram Frauenknecht
Caucasian Dragon soumakh exhibited by Zamani Majid
Serkan Sari and Mohammad Tehrani
Shirvan rug dated 1875 exhibited by Ali Foumani
Balouch rug second half 19th century. Exhibitor James Cohen

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