Sartirana – report from the ongoing antique rug and textile show

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The doors to Sartirana Castle and the Sartirana Textile Show opened Thursday 13 September at 6 pm and the fair will continue until Sunday 16 September. Opening hours for the public are Friday 3 pm – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 11 pm and Sunday 10 am – 8 pm.

It was expected that the quality of exhibited antique rugs and textiles would be high and Jozan Magazine can confirm that this is indeed the case.

The Sartirana Textile Show is a very special fair because of it’s relaxed atmosphere and the location in a small town circa 100 km from Milano. Though carpet sale is the purpose many of the dealers also come here to meet collegues and have a good time sharing rug news, gossip and information about antique rug trade with each other and the visiting carpet collectors.

The opening day resulted in a lot of rug talk and some sales and it is expected that Saturday will be the most busy day during the show. Besides the dealers fair Sartirana Textile Show also includes a special exhibition of Aleppo kilims.

18th century Central Anatolian fragment exhibited by Augusto Rillosi
Antique Gabbeh rug exhibited by Gerbi
Ali Foumani in front of a Tekke main carpet circa 1800
A mid 19th century Kapanuk exhibited by Bertram Frauenknecht
Chibta kilim exhibition by David Sorgato
17th century Ushak carpet exhibited by Mollaian Farzin
A Ladik prayer rug circa 1800 exhibited by Mohammad Tehrani
Nazir Djavid (right) in his stand with a rug collector
Tehran carpet circa 1900 partly silk and wool exhibited by Serkan Sari
Mohsen Chavoshbaran in his stand
19th century Beshir main carpet exhibited by Herbert Bieler
The stand of Lombardo & Partners
Alain Emir, Galerie Emir, discussing a rug with Kat Maeckle
John Goodall and Cynthia visiting Bertram Frauenknecht
A 19th century Pinwheel Kazak exhibited by Orientali Tappeti
Igor Honkanen in front of a Tashkent Suzani 1860-1880
The stand of Faik Ishik
Wolfgang Matschek presents Dorotheum, Vienna, at Sartirana Textile Show
The stand of Sadettin Ufuklar
16th century Ushak exhibited by Carpet Diem
The stand of Chanteh di Kami
Mirco Cattai in front of a 17th century Ushak Lotto
James Cohen signing his Turkoman catalogue for a collector

Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 2012, La Pila, Piazza Lodovico da Breme, 3, 27020 Sartirana Lomellina (PV) Italia

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