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The first Antique Rug & Textile Show at Motel Capri in San Francisco will take place October 15-26, 2009. ARTS is a co-operation between independent rug & textile dealers and Jozan Magazine. The main organizer of the show is Michael Craycraft, Galerie ArabesQue.

The participants include 34 well known rug & textile dealers from all of the world: Amin Motamedi, Michael Craycraft, Ulrike Montigel, Augusto Rillosi, Bertram Frauenknecht, Casey Waller, Chuck Paterson, Seref Ozen, Alberto Levi, George Postrozny, Hagop Manoyan, Hans Homm, John Terry, James Cohen, Jeff Dworsky, Andy Lloyd, Mark Shilen, Mark Berkovitch, Davoud Mizrahi, Hamid Rafatpanah, Owen Parry, Patrick Pouler, Michael Phillips, Reyn Staffel, Rodney McDonald, Ron Hort, Rudolf Geissmann, John Goodall, Rupert Smith, Craig Hatch, Tony Hazledine, Wenhua Liu, Wesley Marquand and  Ziya Bozoglu.

Preview ARTS 2009
Preview ARTS 2009
Preview ARTS 2009
Preview ARTS 2009

Dan Miller, editor of Auspicious Carpets, Tibetan Rugs and Textiles will host an exhibit of Charles Gays Tibetan saddle rugs and early pieces from the Robert Dunn collection. This will coincide with the launching of the 2nd edition of this book published during the first 4 days October 15-18.

There are already great expectations about the show.

“This October’s Capri rug fest”, writes Barry O’Connell,

“The first of what I hope will be many Antique Rug and Textile Show will be held in San Francisco from October 15-26, 2009” writes Steve Price,

“This event promises to be an impressive look at the antique rug market” writes RugRag

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