Sadegh Seirafian

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Seirafian Isfahan carpet
A signed Seirafian Isfahan carpet, Persia. A classical hunting scenery design. Ca. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. 323 x 212 cm(Incl. signature).

Master Isfahan carpet artist, late Sadegh Seirafian died in Isfahan at the age of 82, the day before yesterday. He was among the pioneers of the new Isfahan carpet designers who learned the profession from his father. He was born in Isfahan in 1922 in an artist family. The picture of Sheikh Lotfollah Shrine was woven on a carpet for the first time by Sadegh Seirafian. Many of his works are scattered in different museums, palaces and private collections around the world. Among his famous designs are “Flower and Parrot”. Mohammad Seirafian who is older is still alive and lives in good health in Isfahan.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe

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