Rya rug exhibition at Sartirana

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Sartirana Textile Show 2010 included a very interesting exhibition of Finnish long pile rugs Rya rugs or Ryijys as they are called in Finland. The exhibitor was Igor Honkanen, textile expert, dealer and museum conservator. Igor is from Finland but has been living and working in Italy for many years.

Igor Honkanen telling Jozan Magazine about his Rya rug exhibition (photo by Carlo Kocman)
Rya exhibition by Igor Honkanen at Sartirana Textile Show 2010

The exhibition included Rya rugs from the period 1800-1930.

Rya rug circa 1800
Rya rug 1820-30
20th century Rya rugs
Rya wedding rug dated 1832
Rya rug dated 1979
Igor Honkanen’s Rya rug exhibition (photo by Alberto Boralevi)

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