Tree of Life motif

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many religious traditions and philosophies. It is used in oriental rugs in many variations.

Kerman Tree of Life (13th International Conference on Oriental Carpets)
A signed full silk Hereke rug, Turkey. Niche design with the tree of life. C. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. Second half of the 20th century. 145 x 99 cm. (Bruun Rasmussen February 2014)
Fereghan Sarouk ‘Tree of Life’ Rug. Persia, circa 1880. 1.94m x 1.42m. (Exhibitor Aaron Nejad at LARTA 2020)
Tree of Life, Moldavian kilim, dated 1851, Dan Nasta Collection (Folk kilims from Romania)

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