Joseph V. McMullan Award

Stefano Ionescu receives the Joseph V. McMullan Award
Stefano Ionescu receives the Joseph V. McMullan Award at ICOC Stockholm by Bruce Baganz. In the background former winners of the award Raoul Tschebull, Dennis Dodds and Thomas Farnham. (Jozan archive photo 2011)

The Joseph V. McMullan Award for Scholarship and Stewardship in Islamic Rugs & Textiles is a esteemed recognition in the field of Islamic art and culture. This award is named after Joseph V. McMullan, a scholar and collector of Islamic rugs and textiles. It is bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the study, preservation, and understanding of Islamic rugs and textiles. The award is issued by the Trustees of the Near Eastern Art Research Center.

Recipients of this award are typically distinguished scholars, curators, collectors, conservators, or individuals who have dedicated their careers to advancing the knowledge and appreciation of Islamic rugs and textiles.

List of recipients of the Joseph V. McMullan Award

  • 1988 Harold M. Keshishian, W. Russell Pickering 1989 James D. Burns, Richard Ettinghausen, Elizabeth Ettinghausen, William T. Price, Ralph S. Yohe,
  • 1990 Murray L. Eiland, Jr., Hans König, Ulrich Schürmann
  • 1991 James M. Keshishian, John M. Topham
  • 1992 Raoul E. Tschebull, Donald N. Wilber,
  • 1993 Ernest H. Roberts
  • 1994 George W. O’Bannon, James Opie, John T. Wertime, Richard E. Wright
  • 1995 Bert Flint, Richard Hersberger, Wilifred Stanzer
  • 1996 Dennis Dodds, Robert Pinner
  • 1997 Heinrich Kirchheim,
  • 1998 Parviz Tanavoli
  • 2000 Sarah B. Sherrill
  • 2001 Arthur T. Gregorian,
  • 2002 Annette Korolnik-Anderch, Marcel Korolnik, Brooke Pickering Cole, Niloo Imami Paydar
  • 2003 Walter B. Denny, Wendel R. Swan
  • 2004 Carol Bier
  • 2005 Daniel Walker
  • 2006 Mark Hopkins
  • 2007 Amedeo de Franchis
  • 2008 Bruce P. Baganz
  • 2009 Thomas Farnham, Michael Franses
  • 2010 Daniel Shaffer
  • 2011 Alberto Boralevi, Stefano Ionescu
  • 2012 Elena Tsareva, Christian Erber, Dietlinde Erber
  • 2013 Alice Dodge Wallace
  • 2014 Julia Bailey, Michael Seidman
  • 2015 Mehmet Çetinkaya, R. John Howe, Louise W. Mackie
  • 2016 Guido Goldman
  • 2017 Detlef Maltzhan, Ignazio Vok
  • 2018 Mary Jo Otsea
  • 2019 Michael J. Rothberg
  • 2020 Ben Evans
  • 2021 John Eskenazi, Ralph Kaffel, Penny Oakley
  • 2022 Kate Fitz Gibbon, Andrew Hale
  • 2023 Romain Zaleski, Moshe Tabibnia, William Robinson
  • 2024 Brian Morehouse, Bethany Mendenhall and and Paul Ramsey

The Near Eastern Art Research Center was formed in 1962 by the late Joseph V. McMullan (1896- 1973), one of the 20th century’s foremost scholars and collectors of Islamic carpets.

Find books by Harold Keshishian, W. Russell Pickering, James D. Burns, Richard Ettinghausen, Ralph S. Yohe, Murray L. Eiland, Hans Konig, Ulrich Schurmann, James Mark Keshishian, Raoul Tschebull, George OBannon, James Opie, John T. Wertime, Richard E. Wright, Wilfried Stanzer, Dennis R. Dodds, Robert Pinner, Heinrich Kirchheim, Parviz Tanavoli, Sarah B. Sherrill, Arthur T. Gregorian, Marcel Korolnik, Brooke Pickering, Walter B. Denny, Carol Bier, Daniel S. Walker, Mark Hopkins, Amedeo de Franchis, Michael Franses, Daniel Shaffer, Alberto Boralevi, Stefano Ionescu, Elena Tsareva, Julia Bailey, Louise W. Mackie, Ignazio Vok, John Eskenazi, Ralph Kaffel, Penny Oakley, Kate Fitz Gibbon, Andrew Hale,