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Volkmann-Treffen 26-28 October 2012 in Berlin includes several lectures about fake rugs and forgeries. One of these lectures “Tuduc, the most famous rug forger of the 20th century” Saturday 27 October at 10.30 will be held by Stefano Ionescu, who also will present the forth edition of his book “Handbook of Fakes by Tuduc”.

Stefano Ionescu’s presentation and talk is based on 10 years research of public and private archives in Romania, Hungary, Germany and Greece, together with material acquired from carpet museums, auction houses, dealers and private collections in Europe and America.

The talk will be introduced by a short presentation of the Transylvanian rug heritage, which was essential for Tuduc’s skill. After that Stefano Ionescu will tell significant facts about Tuduc and shed light on how he evolved from a skilled restorer to a forger. In the last part of Stefano’s talk he will show and discuss examples of fake Anatolian, Caucasian, Persian and Spanish rugs manufactured by Tuduc.

Which of these two rugs is a fake ? (slide from Stefano Ionescu’s presentation)
Which of these two rugs is a fake ? (slide from Stefano Ionescu’s presentation)

“It is important to learn about Tuduc because he was the most ‘creative’ rug forger of the 20th century, who used unprecedented strategies to sell his artifacts” said Stefano Ionescu to Jozan Magazine.

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