Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent

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Title: Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent

Author: Brian MacDonald

Publication year: 2017 (new extended version)

Publisher: Acc Art Books

Pages: 320

Keywords/ISBN: 1851498567

Book category: Tribal

Notes: The 2017 edition features an array of new photography. According to Brian MacDonald the new book contains a much larger chapter on the Turkmen tribes and extensive up-dating throughout. The chapter dedicated to the rugs of Anatolia is removed. The focus is now on the Turkmen tribes, the Baluch and Timuri tribes inhabiting the border-lands of Iran and Afghanistan, the Persian tribes i.e Afshar, Khamseh Confederacy, Kurds, Shahsevan and Qashqa’i and lastly, the village rugs from the tribes that inhabit the Caucasus.

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