The Textile Museum Journal 1962-2004

The Textile Museum Journal has been published since 1962 with a gab between 2005-2016.

It is a leading publication for the exchange of textile scholarship in North America.

The articles feature research on textiles from all around the world.


Find selected volumes 1962-2004:
Textile Museum Journal, Volume I, Number 1, 1962 (Volume 1)
Articles: Rudolf Berliner, “A Coptic Tapestry of Byzantine Style” Osmund Leonard Varela, “Photographing Textiles for a Museum” Charles Grant Ellis, “Gifts from Kashan to Cairo” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. I: General Chemical and Physical Structural Features of the Natural Textile Fibers” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. II: Practical Control of Fungi and Bacteria in Fabric Specimens” Joseph Vincent Columbus, “Conservation Notes: A Specialized Vacuum Device for Fragile Textiles”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume I, Number 2, 1963 (Volume 2)
Articles: Charles Grant Ellis, “A Soumak-Woven Rug in a 15th Century International Style” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. III: Classification of Fibers Found in Ancient Textiles” Alan R. Sawyer, “Tiahuanaco Tapestry Design” Rudolf Berliner, “Horsemen in Tapestry Roundels Found in Egypt” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. IV: The Conservation of Historical Textile Colorants”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume I, Number 3, 1964 (Volume 3)
Articles: Junius B. Bird, “Shaped Tapestry Bags from the Nazca-Ica Area of Peru”, James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. V: The Characteristics of Soils and Stains Encountered on Historic Textiles”, Charles Grant Ellis, “The Little Gems of Ardebil”, Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “Chinese Influence in Colonial Peruvian Tapestries”, Rudolf Berliner, “Tapestries from Egypt Influenced by Theatrical Performances”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume I, Number 4, 1965 (Volume 4)
Articles: Pál Kelemen, “Folk Textiles of Latin America”, Rudolf Berliner, “Remarks on Some Tapestries from Egypt”, Charles Grant Ellis, “Some Compartment Designs for Carpets, and Herat”,
Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “A Chinese Textile in Seventeenth Century Spain”

Textile Museum Journal Volume II, Number 1, 1966 (Volume 5)
Articles: Rudolf Berliner, “More about the Developing Islamic Style in Tapestries” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. VI: The Wonders of Water in Wetcleaning” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. VII: Characteristics of Detergents for Cleaning Historic Textiles” Bouquets for Miss Irene Emery Mary Elizabeth King, “A Brief History of the Study of Ancient Peruvian Textiles”

Textile Museum Journal Volume II, Number 2, 1967 (Volume 6)
Articles: Charles Grant Ellis, “Mysteries of the Misplaced Mamluks”, James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. VIII: Drycleaning of Fine and Fragile Textiles”,
H. McCoy Jones, “The Washington Hajji Baba”, Orlando Woody, Dr. Rudolf P. Berliner

Textile Museum Journal Volume II, Number 3, 1968 (Volume 7)
Articles: Grace Goodell, “A Study of Andean Spinning in the Cuzco Region” Junius B. Bird, “Handspun Yarn Production Rates in the Cuzco Region of Peru” Charles Grant Ellis, “Kirman’s Heritage in Washington: Vase Rugs in The Textile Museum” Charles Grant Ellis, “Chinese Rugs” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. IX: How Humidity May Affect Rug, Tapestry and Other Textile Collections” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. X: An Investigation into Cleaning and Conservation of Mixed Leather and Fiber Artifacts

Textile Museum Journal Volume II, Number 4, 1969 (Volume 8)
Articles: E. A. Sellschopp, “General Patterson’s Tapestry” Charles Grant Ellis, “The Ottoman Prayer Rugs” Theodore R. Cooley, “A Practical Dyeing Method for the Fabric Conservator” James W. Rice, “How to Match Colors When Dyeing Yarns or Fabrics for Textile Conservation Purposes” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XI: Requirements for Bulk Storage Protection against Insect Damage” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XII: Adhesives for Textile Conservation” Anthony N. Landreau, “From Mexico to Rumania to Sweden” Rudolf Berliner memorial

Textile Museum Journal. Volume III, Number 1, December 1970 (Volume 9)
Articles: Pál Kelemen, “Lenten Curtains from Colonial Peru” William J. Conklin, “Peruvian Textile Fragment from the Beginning of the Middle Horizon” Monni Adams, “Symbolic Scenes in Javanese Batik” Monni Adams, “Indonesian Textiles at The Textile Museum” Milton Sonday and Nobuko Kajitani, “A Type of Mughal Sash” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XIII: Acids and Acid Salts for Textile Conservation” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XIV: The Alkalies and Alkaline Salts” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XV: The Control of Oxidation in the Textile Conservation” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XVI: The Use and Control of Reducing Agents and ‘Strippers'”

Textile Museum Journal. Volume III, Number 2, 1971 (Volume 10)
Articles: Raoul Tschebull, “Kazak Rugs” Milton Sonday and Nobuko Kajitani, “A Second Type of Mughal Sash” William J. Conklin, “Chavin Textiles and the Origins of Peruvian Weaving” May H. Beattie, “Some Weft-Float Brocaded Rugs of the Bergama-Ezine Region” Monni Adams, “Designs in Sumba Textiles, Local Meanings and Foreign Influences” Walter B. Denny, “Review of Turkish Textiles and Velvets, by Tashin Öz; Oriental Textiles in Sweden, by Agnes Geijer” Charles Grant Ellis, “Review of Seven Hundred Years of Oriental Carpets, by Kurt Erdmann” W. Russell Pickering, “Review of The George Walter Vincent and Belle Townsley Smith Collection of Islamic Rugs, by Joseph V. McMullan in collaboration with Donald O. Reichert” Anthony N. Landreau, “Review of The Book of Carpets, by Reinhard G. Hubel”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume III, Number 3, December 1972 (Volume 11)
Articles: Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “In Memoriam: Carl Schuster” Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “List of Publications by Carl Schuster” Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “Symbolic Meanings in Oriental Rug Patterns: Part I” Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “Symbolic Meanings in Oriental Rug Patterns: Part II” Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “Symbolic Meanings in Oriental Rug Patterns: Part III” Walter B. Denny, “Ottoman Turkish Textiles” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Interlocking Warp and Weft in the Nasca 2 Style” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Review of Textiles Boliviens, Région de Charazani, by Louis Girault” Anthony N. Landreau, “Review of The Turcoman of Iran, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, England (exhibition catalogue)”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume III, Number 4, December 1973 (Volume 12)
Articles: In Memoriam: Joseph V. McMullan, Leonard Carmichael, Osmund L. Varela Walter B. Denny, “Anatolian Rugs: An Essay on Method” Anthony N. Landreau, “Kurdish Kilim Weaving in the Van-Hakkari District of Eastern Turkey” James W. Rice, “Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XVII: Solutions and Other Mixtures for Cleaning and Conservation of Textiles and Related Artifacts”

Textile Museum Journal: Volume IV, Number 1, December 1974 (Volume 13)
Articles: The Textile Museum – 50th Anniversary Junius B. Bird, “The Technical Features of a Middle Horizon Tapestry Shirt from Peru” Veronika and Michael Gervers, “Felt-making Craftsmen of the Anatolian and Iranian Plateaux” Charles Grant Ellis, “Is the Mamluk Carpet a Mandala?: A Speculation” Monni Adams,“Dress and Design in Highland Southeast Asia: The Hmong (Miao) and the Yao” Walter B. Denny, “A Group of Silk Islamic Banners” Ellen Johnston Laing, “An Oriental Rug of A.D. 1280″ Anthony N. Landreau, “Reviews of The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection of Oriental Rugs, by May H. Beattie; Carpets of Central Asia, by Andrei Andreyevich Bogolyubov; Oriental Rugs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, by M. S. Dimand and Jean Mailey; Oriental Rugs, A Comprehensive Guide, by Murray L. Eiland”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume IV number 2, 1975 (Volume 14)
Articles: Mary V. Hays, “Recent Gifts of Chinese and Japanese Textiles” Mattiebelle S. Gittinger, “Selected Batak Textiles: Technique and Function” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Weaving Processes in the Cuzco Area of Peru” Judy Frater, “The Meaning of Folk Art in Rabari Life: A Closer Look at Mirrored Embroidery” Veronika Gervers, “The Historical Components of Regional Costume in Southeastern Europe” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Books Briefly Noted”

Textile Museum Journal Volume IV Number 3 1976 (Volume 15)
Articles: Louise W. Mackie, “A Turkish Carpet with Spots and Stripes” Krishna Riboud, “A Newly Excavated Caftan from the Northern Caucasus” Mattiebelle S. Gittinger, “Additions to the Indonesian Collection” Mary Golden De Bone,“Patolu and its Techniques” Irmgard Weitlaner Johnson, “Weft-Wrap Openwork Techniques in Archaeological and Contemporary Textiles of Mexico” Ralph S. Yohe, “Review of Kilim ve Düz Dokuma Yaygilar, by Bekis Acar”

Textile Museum Journal, Volume IV number 4, 1977 (Volume 16)
Articles: Schuyler V. R. Cammann, “Ming Mandarin Squares” Louise W. Mackie, “Two Remarkable Fifteenth Century Carpets from Spain” John-Peter Wild, “Classical Greek Textiles from Nymphaeum” Sally Forelli and Jeannette Harries, “Traditional Berber Weaving in Central Morocco” Nancy Castle, “A Peruvian Crossed-Warp Weave” Gordon D. Gibson and Cecilia R. McGurk, “High-Status Caps of the Kongo and Mbundu Peoples” June Taboroff, “Review of Royal Persian and Kashmir Brocades, by Rahim Anavian and George Anavian”

Textile Museum Journal 1978. Volume 17
Articles: Ann Pollard Rowe, “Technical Features of Inca Tapestry Tunics” Charles Grant Ellis, “Carpet Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art” Mary Dusenbury, “Kasuri: A Japanese Textile”

Textile Museum Journal 1979. Volume 18
Articles: Ann Pollard Rowe, “Textile Evidence for Huari Music” John-Peter Wild. “Roman Textiles from Vindolanda, Hexham, England” Mattiebelle S. Gittinger, “Conversations with a Batik Master” John T. Wertime, “Flat-Woven Structures Found in Nomadic and Village Weavings from the Near East and Central Asia” Clarissa Palmai, “Textile Mounting”

The Textile Museum Journal. Volumes 19 and 20, 1980-1981
Articles: Suzanne Baizerman and Cherri M. Pancake, “Guatemalan Gauze Textiles: A Description and Key to Identification” Junius B. Bird and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Three Ancient Peruvian Gauze Looms” Anne Paul, “Re-Establishing Provenience of Two Paracas Mantles” Elayne Zorn, “Sling Braiding in the Macusani Area of Peru” Lynn Ann Meisch, “Costume and Weaving in Saraguro, Ecuador” Rogier M. A. Bedaux and Rita Bolland, “Medieval Textiles from the Tellum Caves in Central Mali, West Africa” M. J. de Raadt-Apell, “Van Zuylen Batik, Pekalongan, Central Java (1890–1946)”

The Textile Museum Journal 1982 Volume 21
Articles: “The Roman Heritage: Textiles from Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean 300 to 600 AD.” Edited by James Trilling. James Trilling, “Preface” Acknowledgements Introduction Tapestries Textile with patterns in weft-loop pile Drawloom textiles in wool and silk (with structural analysis by Ann Pollard Rowe) Resist-dyed textiles Appendix I: The development of interlace and related patterns Katrina de Carbonnel, “Appendix II: Remounting of the tapestry cat. No. 1″

The Textile Museum Journal 1983 Volume 22
Articles: Gerard A. Paquin, “The Iconography of Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century Middle Eastern Rugs” Jane Parker Hagino and Karen E. Stothert, “Weaving a Cotton Saddlebag on the Santa Elena Peninsula of Ecuador” Leanna Lee Whitman and Maruta Skelton, “Where Did All the Silver Go? Identifying Eighteenth-Century Chinese Painted and Printed Silks” Maaike Knottenbelt, “Warping and Weaving Mitla Cloth on the Backstrap Loom” Alan Kennedu, “Kesa: Its Sacred and Secular Aspects”

The Textile Museum Journal 1984 Volume 23
Articles: Anne Paul and Susan A. Niles, “Identifying Hands at Work on a Paracas Mantle” John-Peter Wild, “Some Early Silk Finds in Northwest Europe” Marie Lyman, “Distant Mountains: The Influence of Funzō-e on the Tradition of Buddhist Clerical Robes in Japan” Martin E. Weaver, “The Ardabil Puzzle” Ann Pollard Rowe, “After Emery: Further Considerations of Fabric Classification and Terminology” Rebecca A. T. Stevens, “The American Handcrafted Rug: Past and Present”

The Textile Museum Journal 1985 Volume 24
Articles: Dedication to George Hewitt Myers Elisabeth Mikosch, “The Scent of Flowers” Elisabeth Mikosch, “Catalogue of Kashmir Shawls in The Textile Museum” Ann Pollard Rowe, “The Woven Structures of European Shawls in The Textile Museum Collection” Charles Grant Ellis, “The Strengths of The Textile Museum’s Oriental Carpet Collection” Pauline Johnston, “Some Unusual Turkish Embroideries of the Early Eighteenth Century” Rebecca M. Joseph, “Batik Making and the Royal Javanese Cemetery at Imogiri”

The Textile Museum Journal 1986 Volume 25
Articles: Ellen S. Smart, “A Preliminary Report on a Group of Important Mughal Textiles” Donald Quataert, “The Carpet-Makers of Western Anatolia, 1750-1914″ Laila Abdel-Malek, “A Tapestry Roundel with Nilotic Scenes” Masako Kinoshita, “A Braiding Technique Documented in an Early Nineteenth-Century Japanese Treatise, ‘Soshun Bikō'” Mary Frame, “Nasca Sprang Tassels: Structure, Technique, and Order” Ann Lane Hedlund, “Commercial Materials in Modern Navajo Rugs”

The Textile Museum Journal 1987 Volume 26
Articles: Mary Anderson McWilliams, “Prisoner Imagery in Safavid Textiles” Diana K. Myers, “Costume and Ceremonial Textiles of Bhutan” Christine Franquemont and Edward Franquemont, “Learning to Weave in Chinchero”

The Textile Museum Journal 1988-1989 Volumes 27 and 28
Articles: Sara Wolf Green, “An Anecdotal History of Conservation at The Textile Museum: 1926-1989″ Jennifer Scarce, “The Persian Shawl Industry” Sandra A. Niessen, “Exchanging Warp in the Batak Ragidup and Bulang” Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, “Textile Production under the Poll Tax System in Ryukyu” Karen Olsen Bruhns, “Prehispanic Weaving and Spinning Implements from Southern Ecuador”

The Textile Museum Journal 1990-1991 Volumes 29 and 30
Articles: Carol Bier, “Carpet Condition: A Curator’s Perception of ‘the Hole” R. Bruce Hutchinson, “From Restoration to Conservation: Parallels Between the Tradition of Tapestry Conservation and Carpet Conservation” Jeanne Brako, Robert Mann, and Zoe Annis Perkins. “Woven Traditions: The Integration of Conservation and Restoration Techniques in the Treatment of Oriental Rugs” Harold F. Mailand, “Traditional Methods and Alternatives for Cleaning, Repairing, and Exhibiting Rugs” Anne H. Ennes, “The Stabilization of Edges and Ends: Gradations of Intervention” Jane L. Merritt, “Carpet Conservation: A Survey of Current Practices in Europe” Sara Wolf Green and Julia B. Swetzoff, “Compensation for Loss in Oriental Rugs: Traditional Methods and Passive Fills Christophe Bureau and Gilbert Delcroix, “A New Detergent Formulation” Sarah Gates, “One Hundred Anatolian Flatweaves: Conservation for Exhibition, Travel, and Storage” Donna M. Horié. “A Family of Nasca Figures” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Nasca Figurines and Costume”

The Textile Museum Journal 1992 Volume 31
Articles: Ann Pollard Rowe, “Provincial Inca Tunics of the South Coast of Peru” Carol Bier, “Elements of Plane Symmetry in Oriental Carpets” Nancy K. Porter. “A Recuay Style Painted Textile” John Guy, “Indian Textiles for the Thai Market — A Royal Prerogative” Philip Kitley, “Portrait of an Artist: Nyai Tumenggung Mardusari”

The Textile Museum Journal 1993-1994. Volumes 32 and 33
Articles: Gary Leiser, “Travelers’ Accounts of Mohair Production in Ankara from the Fifteenth through the Nineteenth Century” Christine Klose, “Large Tree-and-Animal Carpet of the ‘Herat’ Group, Persia, 16th Century” Rahul Jain, “The Indian Drawloom and its Products” Suzette J. Doyon-Bernard, “La Florida’s Mortuary Textiles: The Oldest Extant Textiles from Ecuador”

The Textile Museum Journal 1995-1996 Volumes 34 and 35
Articles: Ann Pollard Rowe, “Inca Weaving and Costume” Geneviève Duggan, “Matrilineal Descent Groups and Weavings on the Island of Savu” Stephanie Bunn, “Kyrgyz Shyrdak” Karen Anderson Chungyampin, Mattiebelle Gittinger, and Chanporn Saiyalard, “Textiles and Textile Customs of the Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, and Their Neighbors in Northern Laos”

The Textile Museum Journal 1997-1998 Volumes 36 & 37
Articles: Mary Frame, “Chuquibamba: A Highland Textile Style” David W. Fraser, and Peter Collingwood, “Kurji and Paket: Inscribed, Twined Bags of Jain Itinerant Merchants in Western Raiasthan” Tracey Lie-dan Lu, “The Barkcloth Beating to Silk Weaving: The Textile Industry from Prehistory to the Western Han Dynasty in South China” Fiona G. Kerlogue, “The Red Batiks of Jambi: Questions of Provenance” William J. Conklin, “The Individual in Pre-Columbian Archaeology”

The Textile Museum Journal: 1999-2000 vol 38 and 39
Articles: Marion Stirling Pugh (1911–2001) Monisha Ahmed. “Subduing Demons: Women and Weaving in Rupshu” Jay Bommer and Deborah Lindsay Garner, “Notes from the Field: On the Trail of Khumi, Khami, and Mro Textiles” Kim B Howard and Michael C. Howard, “Textiles of the Southern Thái of Viêt Nam” Nilda Callañaupa and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Men’s Knitted Caps from Chinchero” Martha Henze, “Tablet-woven Curtains from Ethiopia: New Light on a Puzzling Group of Textiles” Milton Sonday, “A Group of Possibly Thirteenth-Century Velvets with Gold Disks in Offset Rows”

The Textile Museum Journal 2001-2002 vol 40 and 41
Articles: Keiko Kobayashi, “The Effect of Western Textile Technology on Japanese Kasuri: Development, Innovation, and Competition” Ronald T. Marchese, “Charms and Amulets in Turkish Life” Virginia Davis, “Mexican Stitch Resist Dyed and Tie Resist Dyed Textiles: A Tradition Vanishes” Matthew G. Looper, “Traditional Attire in San Miguelito, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala” Ann Pollard Rowe, “Ica Style Women’s Dress” Karen Olsen Bruhns, “Ecuador’s Second Oldest Textile”

The Textile Museum Journal 2003-2004, Volumes 42 and 43
Articles: Edward Franquemont. “Eureka! Examples of Change in Traditional Andean Textiles from Chinchero” Mary Frame, “What the Women Were Wearing: A Deposit of Early Nasca Dresses and Shawls from Cahuachi, Peru Ann Pollard Rowe, “Introduction to Ecuadorian Textile Techniques” Laura M. Miller, Mrill Ingram, and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Leaf Fibers in Highland Ecuador” Lynn Ann Meisch, Laura M. Miller, and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Spinning in Highland Ecuador” Karen E. Stothert, “Shellfish Purple in Coastal Ecuador” Marilee Schmit Nason, “Blouse Making in Mariano Acosta, Ecuador” Ann Pollard Rowe and Breenan Conterón, “Felt Hat Making in Highland Ecuador” Ann Pollard Rowe and Lynn A. Meisch, “Plaited Hat Making in Highland Ecuador, in Others’ Words, Panama Hats”

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