The Textile Museum Journal 1984 Volume 23

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Title: The Textile Museum Journal 1984 Volume 23

Author: Ann Pollard Rowe, Anne Paul, John-Peter Wild, Marie Lyman, Martin E. Weaver, Rebecca A. T. Stevens

Publication year: 1985

Publisher: Textile Museum

Pages: 84


Book category: Magazines

Anne Paul and Susan A. Niles, “Identifying Hands at Work on a Paracas Mantle”
John-Peter Wild, “Some Early Silk Finds in Northwest Europe”
Marie Lyman, “Distant Mountains: The Influence of Funzō-e on the Tradition of Buddhist Clerical Robes in Japan”
Martin E. Weaver, “The Ardabil Puzzle”
Ann Pollard Rowe, “After Emery: Further Considerations of Fabric Classification and Terminology”
Rebecca A. T. Stevens, “The American Handcrafted Rug: Past and Present”

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