Textile Museum Journal. Volume III, Number 2, 1971

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Title: Textile Museum Journal. Volume III, Number 2, 1971 (Volume 10)

Author: Anthony N Landreau, Charles Grant Ellis, May H Beattie, Milton Sonday, Monni Adams, Nobuko Kajitani, Raoul Tschebull, W. Russell Pickering, Walter B. Denny, William J. Conklin

Publication year: 1971

Publisher: Textile Museum



Book category: Magazines

Raoul Tschebull, “Kazak Rugs”
Milton Sonday and Nobuko Kajitani, “A Second Type of Mughal Sash”
William J. Conklin, “Chavin Textiles and the Origins of Peruvian Weaving”
May H. Beattie, “Some Weft-Float Brocaded Rugs of the Bergama-Ezine Region”
Monni Adams, “Designs in Sumba Textiles, Local Meanings and Foreign Influences”
Walter B. Denny, “Review of Turkish Textiles and Velvets, by Tashin Öz; Oriental Textiles in Sweden, by Agnes Geijer”
Charles Grant Ellis, “Review of Seven Hundred Years of Oriental Carpets, by Kurt Erdmann”
W. Russell Pickering, “Review of The George Walter Vincent and Belle Townsley Smith Collection of Islamic Rugs, by Joseph V. McMullan in collaboration with Donald O. Reichert”
Anthony N. Landreau, “Review of The Book of Carpets, by Reinhard G. Hubel”

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