Rare old rugs: Part II of the V & L. Benguiat private collection

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Title: Rare old rugs;: Part II of the V & L. Benguiat private collection. Collectors’ examples of the art of the loom, with Ispahan rugs and Polonaise carpets, … fine Fereghans, Khorassans and Samarcands

Author: Vitall Benguiat

Publication year: 1926

Publisher: American art association, inc

Pages: 65

Keywords/ISBN: Rare+old+rugs;:+Part+II+of+the+V+&+L.+Benguiat+private+collection.+Collectors’+examples+of+the+art+of+the+loom,+with+Ispahan+rugs+and+Polonaise+carpets,+…+fine+Fereghans,+Khorassans+and+Samarcands

Book category: Persian

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