Mafrash: Woven Transport Packs as an Art From Among the Shahsevan and Other Nomads in Persia

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Title: Mafrash: Gewebte Transporttaschen als textile Bilder des Orients, Arbeiten der Schahsawan und anderer Stämme Persiens = Woven transport packs as an art … the Shahsevan and other nomads in Persia

Author: Siawosch Azadi, Peter A. Andrews, Mügül Andrews

Publication year: 1985

Publisher: Weltkunst Verlag

Pages: 256

Keywords/ISBN: Mafrash:+Gewebte+Transporttaschen+als+textile+Bilder+des+Orients,+Arbeiten+der+Schahsawan+und+anderer+Stämme+Persiens+=+Woven+transport+packs+as+an+art+…+the+Shahsevan+and+other+nomads+in+Persia

Book category: Persian, Textiles

Notes: German and English

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