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Rippon Boswell carpet auction ‘Gereneral Rug Auction Online Only’ with oriental rugs will take place 13 March 2021 at 3 p.m. Viewing is not possible.

The auction includes 218 antique rugs and among them Caucasian rugs, Turkmen rugs, Anatolian rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs and more.

Lot 152. Hamadan, West Persia, 177 x 133 cm, first quarter 20th century. Estimate EUR 1,800
Ningxia Hanging, West China
Lot 142. Ningxia Hanging, West China, 195 x 115 cm. Mid 19th century. Estimate EUR 3,600
Yagcebedir, North West Anatolia
Lot 132. Yagcebedir, North West Anatolia, Bergama region. 112 x 102 cm. First quarter 20th century. Estimate EUR 1,000
Kazak, Southwest Caucasus
Lot 66. Kazak, Southwest Caucasus, 221 x 166 cm. Circa 1880. Estimate EUR 950
Kütahya Kilim
Lot 48 Kütahya Kilim, Western Central Anatolia. 248 x 149 cm. Second half 19th century. Estimate EUR 2,400
Tekke Main Carpet
Lot 27 Tekke Main Carpet, Central Asia, West Turkestan. 266 x 212 cm. Late 19th century. Estimate EUR 1,800
Lot 26. Sarough, West Persia, Arak region. 368 x 247 cm. Second half 20th century. Estimate EUR 1,900

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More information: Rippon Boswell.

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