Review of the American Conference on Oriental Rugs 2006

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The American Conference on Oriental Rugs – ACOR 8 in April 2006 – included plenary-, focus- and hands-on-sessions, a dealer fair and twelve exhibitions.

DeWitt Mallary
DeWitt Mallary

Plenary sessions:
The Textile Museum  in the 21st Century
Wendell Swan: Mystery Rug

Mystery rug
Mystery rug

Focus and hands-on sessions:
Ann Nicholas, Richard Blumenthal: Tribal Bags of South Persia – article at
Risman, Poullada, Munkacsi: Unraveling the Mystery of Ersari/Beshir Weavings
James Burns: Horse Covers of Persia
Donna Endres: Cicim and Zili Weft-Patterned Weavings of Anatolia – article at

Richard Blumenthal
Richard Blumenthal

ACOR Exhibition overview – article at
Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings
Unusual and Overlooked Antique Textiles from Central Asia – article at
Tribal Bags of South Persian – article at

Tekke chuval
Tekke chuval

Dealers Row:
The Dealers Reception
Dealers Row – article at

Dealers Row - Collins Gallery
Dealers Row – Collins Gallery

More Pictures –

John R. Howe
John R. Howe

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