Photo report from Sartirana Textile Show 2018

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The annual Sartirana Textile Show 2018, organised by Alberto Boralevi, took place from Thursday 13 September to Sunday 16 September 2018 at La Pila located besides Sartirana Castle. Some twenty Italian and international antique rug dealers exhibited their excellent rugs and textiles.

The stand of Pazyrik Carpet
The stand of James Cohen
The stand of Seltene Orientteppiche
The stand of Bertram Frauenknecht
The stand of Recai Teppiche
The stand of Soulmate Textile
The stand of Max Lerch
The stand of Serkan Sari
The stand of Anatolian Tappeti
The stand of Edoardo Marino
The stand of Alberto Boralevi
The stand of Sieber Teppiche
The stand of Nader
The stand of Lombardo & Partners
The stand of Enrica Pasino

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