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Hali Fair 2006. Exhibitor David Sorgato

The ninth Textile & Tribal Art – The HALI Fair, held at Olympia from 8 to 18 June 2006, has proved to be an event that appeals to both UK and international collectors including visitors from Italy, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain, as well as the USA. The 2007 event is planned to be held from 7 to 17 June.

Visitor numbers with HALI Fair tickets were up by over 19% on last year (5,145 in 2006, 4,561 in 2005 and 3,416 in 2004), and dealers reported that they had sold to new and old clients from the UK and overseas, many of them in the 35 to 45 age group. The 27,406 visitors to The Summer Fair, Olympia, also had free admission to HALI, although precise cross-over numbers are not available.

While traditional oriental rugs and exotic textiles sold well, dealers in contemporary carpets were delighted that they not only made sales from examples on display but also took orders for commissions and met potential new clients, both private buyers and interior designers. Tribal art proved of great interest, especially to new buyers, indicating the general rise in awareness of this relatively new collecting area in the UK.
Sebastian Ghandchi, Event Director and Publisher of HALI Magazine, commented: “Most exhibitors took larger stands this year, which enhanced the look of the show. The design and presentation of individual stands, and the quality of the material on show were truly impressive.

Source: Press release, Sue Bond Public Relations

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