Rabinovic’s Collection of Anatolian rugs

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Nazmiyal Auction’s next live auction ‘Early Antique Rugs and Rare Textiles’ 25 February 2024 includes 51 pieces of Anatolian rugs and fragments from the Rabinovic Collection of Anatolian Rugs.

Samy Rabinovic, who passed away in March 2021, was born and raised in Istanbul and came to Lowell, Massachusetts in 1967, where he was hired by a chemical company. Samy Rabinovic retired from the chemical company in 1995 and began to set up rug study tours to Turkey, to introduce fellow travelers to rugs and to the Turkish culture. Samy Rabinovic acquired his rugs during his travels to Anatolia, from local and foreign dealers and at ACOR meetings he participated in.

The sale of pieces from the Rabinovic Collection is the first part of Nazmiyal’s two days sale 25-26 February 2024 which also includes a selection of textiles collected by Lilo Markrich and her uncle, Heinz E. Kiewe.

Location and more information: Nazmiyal Auctions, 31 E. 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016.

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