Preview Sotheby’s “Carpets” 1 October 2002

Category: Auctions

243Transylvanian17Ct - Preview Sotheby's "Carpets" 1 October 2002
approximately 1.68 by 1.40m, 17th century. Estimate 15.000-20.000 USD ©Sotheby’s

248KarachoptKazak1880 - Preview Sotheby's "Carpets" 1 October 2002
Lot 248 KARACHOPT KAZAK RUG, SOUTHWEST CAUCASUS, approximately 2.23 by 1.63m. 1880. Estimate 6.000-8.000 USD ©Sotheby’s

277ErsariBeshir1875 - Preview Sotheby's "Carpets" 1 October 2002
Lot 277 ERSARI BESHIR RUG, SOUTH TURKESTAN 1875, approximately 2.06 by 1.09m. Estimate 5.000-7.000 USD ©Sotheby’s


332WAnatolianOushakL17Ct - Preview Sotheby's "Carpets" 1 October 2002
Lot 332 WEST ANATOLIAN COUPLED-COLUMN PRAYER RUG, PROBABLY OUSHAK late 17th century, approximately 1.88 by 1.57m. Estimate 30.000-40.000 USD ©Sotheby’s


376SaroukFeregan1900 - Preview Sotheby's "Carpets" 1 October 2002
Lot 376 SAROUK FEREGHAN CARPET, NORTH PERSIA 1900, approximately 4.65 by 3.15m. Estimate 40.000-60.000 USD ©Sotheby’s

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