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Bruun Rasmussen International auction 14 June 2005 at 1 pm includes 146 Oriental rugs and carpets.Visiting the auction I was so lucky to “catch” Henrik Schleppegrell – Bruun Rasmussen’ expert on Oriental rugs and carpets.

Henrik Schleppegrell

We had a pleasant conversation on Oriental rugs in general and about the selection of rugs at the auction particularly. Behind Henrik Schleppegrell you see the auctions most rare carpet – a Safavid carpet ( lot 2158)  from the 16th century.

I suggest you take a look at a selection of interesting Persian, Turkoman and Caucasian rugs from the preview:

Lot 2059 – An antique Beshir main carpet from the end of the 19th century. Size 538 x 185. Estimate 8.000 – 10.000 DKR
Lot 2115 – A semi-antique Kirman carpet ca. 1930. Size 290 x 200 cm. Estimate 15.000 DKR
Lot 2089 – Antique Shirvan gallery carpet from the end of the 19th century. Size 438 x 134 cm. Estimate 50.000 DKR
Lot 2093 – An Antique Daghestan prayer rug from the 19th century. Size 134 x 98 cm. Estimate 8.000 – 10.000 DKR
Lot 2036 – An antique Afshar saddle bag front. Size 86 x 47. Estimate 4.000 DKR
Lot 2124 – Semi-antique Amogli carpet ca. 1930-1940. Size 305 x 229 cm. Estimate 40.000 DKR

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