Persian carpets at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

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Once a year, one week in October, The Royal Danish Collections shows the public the Coronation and Chenille Carpets at the Rosenborg Castle. On 15 October 2009 the Danish Rug Society visited the temporary exhibition (10-18 October 2009) on a guided tour.

Photos by Jan Andersen, the Danish Rug Society:

The Coronation Carpet. Isfahan 1650-60. 5,35×3,05 m.
Detail of the Coronation Carpet
Members of the Danish Rug Society looking at two of the Chenille carpets. ( The carpet on the right is made in Kashan or Isfahan after 1600. Size 3,37×1,80 m)
Chenille carpet with rosette. Isfahan before 1650. 1,93×1,34 m.
Chenille carpet with “Polonaise design. Isfahan 1625-50. 2,56×1,46 m.
“Polonaise” carpet with silk pile made in Isfahan ca. 1650 in front of the throne for audience. Size 2,05×1,41 m.
Gold embroidered carpet with secondary chenille. Near Eastern 17th century. Size 2,37×1,52 m.

Photos by Jan Andersen, webmaster for the Danish Rug Society.

Carpet descriptions: Denmark’s Coronation Carpets, Friedrich Spuhler, Preben Mellbye-Hansen, Majken Thorvildsen – The Royal Collections at Rosenborg Palace 1987.

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Location: Rosenborg Castle

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