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Sotheby’s, Carpets, New York, 2 April 2004

Sotheby’s auction with Oriental rugs and carpets 2 April 2004 in New York included 206 lots and 104 lots were sold. In general the prices were higher than expected. The total sale was 2,179,860 USD. Selection from the preview. All images ©Sotheby’s LOT: 28 RUG NAME: Kazak AGE: Late 19th … read more

Xinjiang – where to find old and antique rugs

Jozan Magazine has asked a local Kashgar dealer, Elvis Ablimit Ghopor, questions about sale of old and antique rugs in Xinjiang. The Kashgar border to Pakistan opened in 1986, says Elvis Ablimit Ghopor to Jozan Magazine. Pakistani collectors bought the best antique carpets the first 6-10 years and not many … read more

American Conference on Oriental Rugs

The American Conference on Oriental Rugs 2004 (ACOR 7) will be held in Seattle, Washington USA March 25-28. The conferences has been popular among enthusiasts because it focuses on the interests of collectors. The lectures covers a wide range of topics and sessions will touch world’s major weaving tradition: Afshar … read more

The Evolution of the Chuval Gull

by Jim Allen Anybody using an inductive approach to Turkoman studies must constantly search for the next truly revealing or benchmark Turkmen weaving to make hypothesizes about. These kinds of pieces are by definition ‘historically important’. The handful of historically significant Turkmen weavings still unidentified among the Diaspora of Turkmen … read more