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Preview Bruun Rasmussen rug auction 14 June 2005

Bruun Rasmussen International auction 14 June 2005 at 1 pm includes 146 Oriental rugs and carpets.Visiting the auction I was so lucky to “catch” Henrik Schleppegrell – Bruun Rasmussen’ expert on Oriental rugs and carpets. We had a pleasant conversation on Oriental rugs in general and about the selection of … read more

Robert Pinner Lectures 11-12 June 2005

To coincide with the fair 2005 the Hali Fair has announced a programme of lectures in memory of Robert Pinner. The lectures include: Saturday 11 June: 1.45 Opening by Daniel Shaffer, Executive Editor of Hali 2.00 James Reid: Magic Feathers. Textile Art from Ancient Peru 3.00 Stefano Ionescu: The Saxon … read more

ICOC 3-13 November 2005

An ICOC Educational Experience: The Architecture, Carpets and Textiles of Moorish Spain and Portugal November 3-13, 2005 Join us on this tour to Andalusia and Lisbon! History, culture, architecture and art of Andalusian Spain are inextricably linked to an Islamic design heritage that began there some 1,300 years ago. The … read more