Woolley & Wallis Rugs and Carpets auction 17 January 2002

Derbend rug 1920-30 ©Woolley & Wallis Khamseh Bassiri tribe 1920-40 ©Woolley & Wallis     Baluchi Khorassan rug 1900 ©Woolley & Wallis Ersari Beshir 2h19ct. ©Woolley & Wallis Kashan Souf silk rug 1900 ©Woolley & Wallis Kazak Lambalo rug 1921 ©Woolley & Wallis Khotan rug 1920 ©Woolley & Wallis Khotan silk 1920 ©Woolley & Wallis Lambalo Kazak 1900 ©Woolley & Wallis Lori rug 1930 ©Woolley & Wallis Shiraz rug 1930 ©Woolley & Wallis Tekke rug 1900-20 ©Woolley & Wallis  

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