Norwegian rug collection on sale

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The Norwegian rug collector Petter Andreas Haug will sell his entire collection of antique rugs. The collection includes 518 pieces from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Caucasus, Turkey and Persia. The collection is one of the most important in Northern Europe and has been collected through more than 45 years.

“I’m searching for a person, investment group, or a museum who might be interested in my entire outstanding and big quality collection of antique oriental rugs and kilims as one unit” says Petter Andreas Haug to Jozan Magazine.

Examples of rugs from the collection:

No. 376 Malayer, Hamadan Province. Probable age 1895. Size 205 x 140 cm.
No. 329 Shahsavan -Savalan. Lenkoran. Probable age 1870. 295 x 120 cm.
No. 268 Karagashli, Karagashli Town, Kuba. Probable age 1870. Size 226 x 125 cm.
No. 236 Eagle Karab. Eagel-Sunburst Med. Chelaberd, Lachin-Kelbajar. Circa 1880. Size 235 x 140 cm.
No. 398 Shield Kazak, Karapapakh Tribe. Circa 1880, Size 225 x 165

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