More Ersari rugs V

Lot 152. Part silk tent bag, probably Ersari.
Ersari Jowal, 82 x 150 cm, 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani.
Ersari Rug, 169 x 126 cm, 19th Century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani, Antique And Contemporary Textile Art.
Lot 520, an Ersari Torba ca. 1890. Size 43 x 138 cm and estimate 800 – 1,000 EUR
Lot 267, an Ersari trapping late 19th century. Size 48 x 109 cm and estimate 2,400 EUR
Lot 183, an Ersari Jollar mid 19th century. Size 53 x 170 cm and estimate 9,800 EUR
Ersari – exhibitor Udo Langauer
Lot 47, an Ersari Djollar 47 x 175 cm. Estimate 1.100 EUR
Lot: 225 Ersari Ensi, Central Asia
Ersari main carpet, Ikat design. Mid 19th century. Exhibitor David Sorgato.
Mid 19th Century Ersari (Amu Darya area) Exhibitor Craig Hatch

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