North African textiles

Woman’s bridal head and shoulder cover, mouchtiya. Central Tunisia, Basses Steppes, Zlass tribe. Wool and cotton brocade, early 20th century. Exhibitor Menzel Galerie Nordafrika
Woman’s bridal head and shoulder cover, bakhnoug. Libya, Jebel Nefousa. Wool and cotton brocade, tie-dye, indigo. First half 20th century. Menzel Galerie Nordafrika
Berber haik, Mejjat tribe, Anti-Atlas, southern Morocco, second half 20th century, 193 x 121 cm. Exhibitor Gebhart Blazek
Berber haik, Meijat tribe second half 20th century. Size 204 x 117 cm. Exhibitor Nomadno
Lot 61. A central embroidered part of a Berber wedding shawl from Tunisia. Second half 19th century. Size 89×49 cm. Etimate 250-500 EUR

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